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A Persistent Productions film

Executive Producer: Harpreet Bedi


Director: Satinder Garcha


Co-directors: Meghan Shea & Michael K. Rogers


Producers: Meghan Shea & Michael k. Rogers


Director of Photography: Michael K. Rogers


Story Editor: David Flood


Assistant Editor: Mark Chua


Score Composed & Performed by:

Mike MacAllister & Aaron Kotler


Additional Percussion: Michael Caterisano


Original Songs Written & performed by:

Michael "Tres" Myers and Mike MacAllister


Recorded at Creekside Sound, Brooklyn, NY


Argentina Unit


Production: Marcello Mortarotti

Camera: Patricio Rivera

Photogrpahy: Aleja Yael

Assistant Production: Leandro Quiroga

Assistant Photography & Sound:  Mateo Ferley


United Kingdom Unit


London Additional Camera:  Louis Blair


Sandhurst Additional Camera: George Ford


Sing Street Style Photography: Manpreet Singh Kalsi


Post Production Services - EditLounge


Colorist: Melanie Foo Campbell

Junior Colorist:  Cindey Liu

Online Editor: Wendy Fong


Audio Engineer: Splice Studios

Subtitle Timing: Fiona Chong


Italian translator: Filippo Bellini


Punjabi translators: Sehaj Mann

Saira Shaikh

Kash Singh

Spanish translator:  Trusted Translations


Archival Materials courtesy of:


The British Library

Collection of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan

Wikiemedia Commons

Footage Farm

Imperial War Museums

Courtesy of Steven Purewal, Managing Director Indus Media Foundation

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